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The 2014 ALC/Breakout Fall Clinic Registration is Open! Click on the "Register Online" tab on the left side of the page to get started.
Welcome to the Alexandria Lacrosse Club!
Alexandria Lacrosse Club (ALC) was founded in the spring of 2003 and participates in the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL). ALC is dedicated to promoting the sport and supporting its growth within the City of Alexandria, Virginia for both girls and boys aged six through fifteen.
The mission of ALC is to provide the children of the City of Alexandria the opportunity to learn and play the game of lacrosse. ALC offers a complete lacrosse experience:
Supplies fields, equipment, coaches, and league play
Provides scholarships to those who cannot pay
Educates players, coaches and parents in the traditions of lacrosse
Teaches respect for the game, one another and our opponents
The game season starts in March and runs through the end of June. Registration for the spring season opens in late November or early December. Contact the club at for information on our program and to inquire about coaching and volunteer opportunities.
ALC/Breakout Fall Clinic
by posted 08/19/2014

The 2014 ALC/Breakout Fall Clinic Registration is Open!


To conduct clinics that provide an appropriate skill level of instruction in the sport of lacrosse based on gender and age to players in the Northern Virginia area, specifically Alexandria Lacrosse Club. All skill levels are welcome but these clinics are ideal for anyone new to the sport and wanting to learn the fundamentals of Lacrosse.

Registration Fee:

The registration fee for the 2014 clinic will be $125. Click the blue "Register Online" button on the left side of the home page to get started.

Clinic Structure

The clinic consists of five Saturday sessions for boys and girls. There will be one makeup session scheduled if necessary due to inclement weather. Each session will be 90 minutes.


Clinic Schedule - Clinic Dates and Times




Boys Time

Girls Time



  September 13



Minnie Howard Turf


  September 20



Minnie Howard Turf


  September 27



Minnie Howard Turf


  October 4



Minnie Howard Turf


  October 18*



Minnie Howard Turf


  October 26



Minnie Howard Turf


There will be a “parents and coaches” meeting on this date (October 18th) for each session (during the session).  The goal of this meeting is to educate new parents on the rules and general information regarding lacrosse to make them more educated spectators and supporters.

Lacrosse Attire and Equipment List
Dress for the weather. This may mean shorts one weekend and sweat pants and gloves for the next weekend.
The participants require the following equipment:
1. Water
2. Mouth Guard
3. Helmet
4. Shoulder Pads
5. Arm Pads
6. Gloves
7. Stick
8. Athletic shoes (cleats optional)
1. Water
2. Mouth Guard
3. Goggles
4. Stick
5. Athletic shoes (cleats optional)
6. Sport Gloves (Gloves are optional for the girls. Players may want to wear a thin cloth glove on cold days.)
ALC offers equipment scholarships. See the Financial Aid tab on the left side of the main page of the web site, please use the 2014 tab for the fall clinic.

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New to ALC? How to Create your Account and Register a Player
by posted 08/18/2014

New to ALC? Need to register your child?

Here’s how to get started…

To Register for the Spring Season or Fall Clinic:

*Please note, your child must have a valid U.S. Lacrosse membership number in order to register for any ALC program. Follow the link to get a USL membership.


Open the ALC home page.


Find the blue button on the left side of the page, says "Register Online".


Scroll down to the division your child belongs in and click the "Begin Registration" or "Join Waitlist" button.


Follow the prompts, you will be asked to enter an email address ONLY (as you are not yet a registered member).


The system will issue you a pass code by email in about 30 minutes.


Create a profile for yourself, do not put in a US Lacrosse number in your profile. You do not need to indicate male or female, you do not need to enter your birth date. Make sure you identify yourself as "Parent" in the drop down menu.


When finished creating your profile, click the "Clone as Child" button.


Create your child’s profile to include the US Lacrosse #, birth date, etc. *IMPORTANT: All information entered for your child must match the information you provided USL to get a membership number. If there is any discrepancy in birth date, address, phone number there will be a communication error between the ALC and USL databases causing issues with the registration process.


Proceed to the payment portion and complete.


If you are on the "Waitlist" you will not be prompted to pay. You will be notified when your child has been released from the list and you can proceed with payment.


*You can change your password to something easy to remember and are encouraged to do so.

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Did you forget your Member Account Password?
by posted 11/19/2010
RetrieveMember PassCode
Did you forget your Member Password? Do not start a new account. Follow these instructions to quickly reset your password.
1. Select “Edit My Account” from the left side of the page
2. Enter your email address and your Member Pass Code will be sent to you.
You need to use the email address associated with the player’s account. This may be your spouse’s email address. See Member Account Info tab on the left side of this page for additional information.

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ALC Address: Postal and Email
by posted 01/28/2010
ALC Mailing Address
PO Box 16224
Alexandria, VA 22302

ALC Email Address:

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